Alex Mezulari

Alex Mezulari is a decorated USAF veteran who has studied the world’s wisdom traditions for two decades. In the process cured him of 13 years of suffering, drug addiction, and homelessness. In the 90s he worked as a stockbroker and a chef. In 2002 he started his spiritual journey and reinvented himself. He discovered self-realization was the solution to his dysfunction. His knowledge allows him to enlighten others and offer guidance to those seeking meaningful lives and happiness.

4 steps which will guarantee personal success reinvent your life, rewire your brain, and resurrect your dreams


Find yourself a mentor, coach, or a person that you admire and listen to their direction

Every successful athlete achieved their success with the help and guidance of a coach they confided in. Most of the world most famous motivational speakers had mentors who taught them how to step into their greatness and gave them the direction they needed to find their success in fulfilling their dreams.

In my experience I did not have a live mentor but I did find ones that I highly admired and whose messages resonated with me and I listened to them every day. At first for 2o to 30 minutes. By the time I was into my journey 10 years I was listening to them all day long while I was driving my car which is what I do for a living, Instead of listening to the radio, I carried CDs with me and I can tell you now it was a smart move.

If you are new to self-development and are not too familiar with speakers youtube motivational speakers and do some shopping around. Find one that gels with you and listen with relaxed belief. In the last 20 years, I have had many mentors, and as my consciousness shifted I began to look for different things that spoke to my truth and felt in my heart. So find a mentor and learn as much as you can and in due time you will start to engrain your brain with their words and start to step into their level of belief and strengthen your spiritual muscles.


Take 15 minutes everyday to listen or read something positive and make it a daily habit

This step is one the most powerful ways to reprogram your mind to go from victim to victor. The process is long and takes time for it to remove all the things people carry around with them and cling to simply because don’t know they can in most cases.

When we start to feed our minds the right information everyday we start to interrupt the negative conversation we have going on inside. This negative inner dialogue is the result of not knowing how to be gentle and compassionate towards themselves.

The quality of your thoughts in the process of exposing yourself to positive life affirming messages will slowly start to be more practical and realistic instead of a fantasy we dwell upon and in most cases have nothing to do with reality at all. Yet we cling to this shame, guilt, or pain and this habit will flush it out.

Imagine a tall glass of dirty water and now imagine pouring clean fresh water into that glass. At a certain point the glass of dirty water will get rid of the impurities and once again become clear. This is also known as cognitive therapy and its application is one of the most effective ways of rewiring your mind which in turn reinvent your life because the quality of your thoughts is the quality of your life. So start listening and begin healing the wounds of the past.


Find out what your vision is and keep it in the forefront of your mind. Imagine how it would feel with the vision accomplished

In digging out those old dreams you had and resurrecting your dreams and making them a reality we must find out what that vision is and picture it clear in our mind. Imagine yourself with the vision accomplished and try to make the image vivid as possible. This will activate a part of your sub-conscious mind which will start to grow in the direction of fulfilling your dreams by influencing your thoughts and actions.

We all have a part of our mind called the RAS. Reticular activating system is programming our minds by introducing something to it that will cause you to see it everywhere by increasing our sense of awareness. Recently I decided I wanted to buy a French bulldog . Within a matter of days I started to see them everywhere. I see them because I made it significant . When we start to use our RAS to our advantage we can start to see opportunities everywhere . Highly successful businessmen use it become opportunistic and it results in them being able to see things others don’t.

The best thing about having a clear vision is that it will simplify your life. Your vision will determine what you read, who you date, who you spend time with, what you watch, and the list goes on and on. In scripture it states that “a man without a dream or vision shall perish.” The deciding factor of why only 3 out of 100 people end up financially independent at retirement age is how committed they are to thier vision and used it effectively which drew their dream towards them like a magnet.

The ability to attract our desires to ourselves and accomplish our dreams is based on how much you feed your mind the vision and without a doubt you will have what you envision.


Make a list of all your desires and dreams that you have them down on paper. Look at it a few times a day and the reasons of why you deserve it

Make a list of 300 things that you desire and want to have. This task may seem daunting at first but is highly effective in activating the law of attraction. You may run out of things by number 105 but keep at it. Keep it somewhere and look at it often. In due time you start to see things on it manifest into reality and the process will start to gain momentum and fuel your faith in the concept laid out in the bible when it states “ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open. “

Most of the wealthiest people on the planet know this concept and have dream boards with images of all the things they would like to have manifest in their lives. Writing down your desires on paper will get them down into your sub-conscious mind and that’s a major part in making things you want find their way to you. No request in the universe goes unanswered but keep in mind that it also depends on the level of your beliefs. So work on your faith and you will reap a harvest that keeps on coming.

The single factor that may cause you to fail experiencing the bounty that life has for you is not having the spiritual fortitude and determination to keep living with a sense of expectancy, a heart full of praise, and being mindful of what we let into our spirit. These steps will renew your spirit and will renew your mind to its original state when we were kids and believed that all our dreams were possible and our imagination was something we used all the time until we got older and put that same imagination and put it on the back burner. I h ope these steps will breathe life into dead dreams and resurrect them to enjoy the fullness of your destiny.

These 4 steps I put together myself based on my studies over the last twenty years and is the prescription and are the core tenants of DIY: Cognitive Therapy. Do the steps and one day wake up to who you really are.